Avatar Management

Metaverse Avatar Services

Win big with us!

It is now time for every music artist, producer, DJ or musical talent to have a presence in the metaverse. We specialize in managing your virtual twin in the metaverse. Expand your brand potential, marketability, and monetization in an entirely new way with our Avatar Management Services.

Branded Avatar Creation

In order to showcase your stardom in the metaverse, it is essential for your avatar to be unique and reflect your personality. Let us help you design and launch your special branded avatar.

Avatar Booking

We get you booked for all type of branded activations in the metaverse from concerts, award shows, conferences, meet and greets and more! Imagine what we can do for your avatar!

Avatar sponsorships

Let’s get your avatar official sponsorships to represent brand collaborations in the metaverse. Brands are seeking marketing, promotional partners and brand ambassadors for metaverse activations, events, and more!

Avatar fashion merchandising

The metaverse has enabled avatars to have their own one-of-a-kind style and swag. We create fashion lines and brands to truly monetize merchandising in the metaverse. Let us help you achieve your goals from planning to launch of your wearables.