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MVB Worlds Mall

Over 2M+ Sq. ft. of retail space

Welcome to MVB Worlds Mall which is exclusively developed and designed to cater to the music experience including fashion, culture, and entertainment.


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fashion & Brand merchandising for your brand in the hottest metaverse

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We provide complete store build outs

Are you interested in launching your own merchandise store in the metaverse to sell your branded apparel, fashion line, avatar wearables, or IRL (In Real Life) items? We have multiple sized lease space options available for you. Check out our space and turnkey build out options below. We can also build out fully customized options for you to fit your every need, space requirement, and brand identity.

Sq. Ft. Space Available
Sq. Ft. Space Available
Sq. Ft. Space Available
Sq. Ft. Space Available

Boutique Designs

Lets us design your boutique store buildout in the metaverse with many options.

Modern Designs

Our modern designs will give your brand a superior presence in the metaverse.

Kiosk Designs

Need a small space? We can design your brand a custom kiosk to showcase products.

Artsy Designs

We have specialty designs to showcase your brands identity, colors, and messaging.

Lease Space FAQs

leasing info

Below you will find the most common questions and inquires asked in regards to leasing space on MVB World Malls in the metaverse. 

We require a minimum lease term of 1 year for all MVB Worlds Mall tenants.

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