MVB Blue Venue

We are the premier metaverse music & concert venue

MVB Blue is a state-of-the-art metaverse venue perfect for your next metaverse event. We provide the perfect mix of lights, sound, atmosphere, and experience to host the ultimate immersive music showcases, concerts, and more!

Our Story

Indulge in the metaverse like never before

It’s time for the next generation of concerts, awards shows, music festivals and more with the dawn of the metaverse at the MVB Blue Venue. Our vision was to create the ultimate venue to enable the transition of live entertainment events from the real world into the metaverse.

MVB Red Venue

We are your goto entertainment venue in the metaverse

MVB Red is a state-of-the-art metaverse venue perfect for your next metaverse event. We provide the perfect mix of lights, sound, atmosphere, and experience to host the ultimate immersive comedy showcases, theater plays, and more!

Our Story

everyone loves music, Comedy & More

MVB Red Venue showcases the story of how we journey into the metaverse through immersive creative arts such as comedy, theater shows, musicals, and more! We desired to enable the creation of an all purpose venue to foster the transition of global productions from real world environments into photo realistic immersive experiences in the metaverse. Welcome to MVB Red.

MVB Theaters

We are the biggest metaverse theater

Wow! What an amazing innovation in the film industry with the opening of our MVB Theaters in the metaverse. Explore a modern and upscale immersive film experience from anywhere in the world. Meet your friends, family, and co-workers at the movies without ever driving to the movies. 

Our Story

Watch films in the metaverse

MVB Theaters was created to provide a revolutionary platform for showcasing indie and studio films in the metaverse. Films are an integral part of our modern culture and society connecting people from all walks of life. Indie filmmakers are the heart of the creative dynamic in the movie industry. Now outside of film festivals, every component of the film production landscape can be showcased, monetized, and explored thru the metaverse.

MVB Studios

We are the ultimate metaverse music production studio

MVB Studios has introduced to the music world a new paradigm for music artists to become masters of their craft by providing a suite of music production services in the metaverse. Work with some of the world’s elite producers, engineers, and musical talent in the metaverse at MVB Studios. 

Our Story

a new age in the music creation process

Every music creator thrives on the technological innovations that continuously propel the music industry into the next age of greatness. The metaverse is no difference; it is the ultimate desire for music artists, producers, engineers, label, and management to explore the value that the metaverse brings to this new-age music ecosystem. Our goal was to create a state-of-the-art facility that connects music creators in the metaverse by providing superior production services. Introducing MVB Studios.

MVB Esports

We are your true esports connection in the metaverse

Join the Esports revolution that is taking over the metaverse. We are connecting gamers, brands, and fans for the most immersive esports experiences, tournaments, and entertainment in the metaverse. Our futuristic esports venue is capable of hosting your next esports engagement. 

Our Story

come watch & play video games in the metaverse

Are you a gamer? Do you like watching video games? How do you connect gaming in the metaverse? These are the questions that we took the challenge to answer by providing a real world solution to esports in the metaverse. This was the goal and encouragement behind us creating the ultimate MVB Esports venue.

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